Sugar Land Tattoo Removal Current Package Specials

Summer Special! 7 Days Only 70% Off Guaranteed Removal Packages! You pay 1 time and get unlimited laser removal sessions until your tattoo is gone like it was never there! Don’t spend another summer wearing long sleeves to cover a tattoo you are not happy with!

Special offer Starts Monday May 29 and Ends Monday June 5
extra small tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal – $199 (Regular price = $600)
extra small is 2” x 2” or smaller
Small tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $299 (Regular price = $900)
small is 4” x 4” or smaller
Medium tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $499 (Regular price = $1,500)         
medium is 6” x 6” or smaller
Large tattoo Guaranteed  Complete Removal- $699 (Regular price = $2,100)                 
large is 8” x 8” or smaller
Extra Large tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $899 (Regular price = $3,000)      
Half Arm  or 12” x 12” or smaller
Guaranteed Complete Total Body Removal- $4,999 (Regular price = $12,000)          
 complete body removal is every tattoo you have! 
Guaranteed Removal Packages are UNLIMITED SESSIONS UNTIL YOUR TATTOO IS 100% Gone  
Laser Tattoo Removal