Christmas Special- 4 Days ONLY – The Christmas present that will change your life forever! You will never have to wear certain cloths to cover a tattoo again!

Our Christmas Special is guaranteed complete removal, which is UNLIMITED sessions until your tattoo is completely removed, in a 1 time payment.  To set up a free consultation call 281-685-9998. Most professional tattoos take 6-8 sessions to remove completely!                           

 Special Offer Starts Wednesday December  14 and Ends Saturday  December 17
extra small tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal – $199 (Reg. price $85 x 8 sessions = $680)
extra small is 2” x 2” or smaller
Small tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $299 (Reg. price $135 x 8 sessions = $1,065,)
small is 4” x 4” or smaller
Medium tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $499 (Reg. price $200 x 8 sessions = $1,860)         
medium is 6” x 6” or smaller
Large tattoo Guaranteed  Complete Removal- $699 (Reg. price $300 x 8 sessions = $3,200)                   
large is 8” x 8” or smaller
Extra Large tattoo Guaranteed Complete Removal- $999 (Reg. price $500 x 8 sessions = $5,200)      
Half Arm  or 12” x 12” or smaller
Guaranteed Complete Total Body Removal- $3999 (Reg. price $1,500 x8 sessions= $12000)        
 complete body removal is every tattoo you have! 

Why Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal is the Best

  • We use the Astanza Trinity laser and it has  three different laser colors compared to the picosure laser that only has one color
  • Trinity Laser can remove every color tattoo while the picosure laser is only good at removing blue and green and can not remove red or black
  • All lasers have a little pain but we numb your skin to minimize discomfort
  • We have proven results, we have completely removed over 3,000 tattoos